Choosing a Good Quality CBD oil Supplier

The most important parameter when choosing a CBD oil should always be the quality, selecting a reputable and reliable brand: the manufacturer must be able to provide recent analyzes and performed by an independent laboratory on the composition of its CBD oil.

It is indeed unfortunately easy for some unscrupulous manufacturers to offer products that do not have the rate of CBD announced on the label. Beware of CBD products sold at prices that are significantly lower than other products containing a similar amount of CBD: this is most likely a scam. It is also essential that the THC content of CBD oil be as low as possible, and in all cases lower than the European legal limit of 0.2%, for this product to be authorized and causes no psychotropic effects characteristic of THC, such as drunkenness or euphoria. It is also important to be wary of the products sold by mlm structures like kannaway for example which does not indicate the percentage of cbd and gives little information about its product …..

The levels of CBD and THC cannabinoids are not the only factors to take into account to ensure the good quality of a CBD oil. The manufacturer must also follow strict procedures during the production of oil to ensure the absence of microbes, fungi or pathogenic bacteria by microbiological tests carried out in the laboratory.

As the hemp plant has the particularity of easily accumulating certain heavy metals within its biomass, it is also essential to choose a brand of CBD oil that can guarantee that these heavy metals are not concentrated in the final product, this kind of care give you award winning CBD Gummies UK and  this is usually given with the help of recent laboratory analyzes, and oncourse taste of the gummies.

For those concerned and think are edibles legal in UK? the answer is yes as long as they don’t contain any THC, which is the element that gives you a high.

The best CBD manufacturers use hemp grown in fields whose soil is carefully selected for its low levels of heavy metals and other contaminants.

How to choose the best concentration and dosage for CBD Vape Pens

aWe have to remind you First that the legislation does not authorize us to advise you on a therapeutic or medical use of CBD (Cannabidiol). We invite you to consult your doctor about this, especially to check with him the absence of contraindications with your health and the possible interactions of this cannabinoid with certain drugs.

More concentrated versions allow you to use fewer puffs to get the same amount of CBD especially if you buy the right CBD vape pens with a large number of puffs per vape pen.

If you want to increase the CBD concentration of your oil, you can also simply add CBD crystals in your oil: by adding 1000 mg of CBD in 10 ml of 20% CBD oil, you will get oil at 30% CBD. This is what is already done with many awarding winning CBD vape pen manufacturers, as they add predesigned about of CBD guarantee a certain amount of CBD per say 700 puffs.

Crystals of CBD Isolate + 99%

There are also some products that combine CBD with other active ingredients, such as Meladol oil, which contains melatonin (sleep hormone) or 5% CBD oil enriched with turmeric, a spice known especially for its products. anti-inflammatory properties.

The dosage of CBD is difficult to estimate precisely because it varies greatly from one person to another, especially according to its weight and needs.

A general rule, however, is to start with 0.5 mg of CBD per kg of body weight per day, divided into three doses (morning, noon and evening), which gives for example:

for a person of 50 Kg = 25 mg of CBD per day (3 X 8 mg of CBD)
for a person of 80 Kg = 40 mg of CBD per day (3 X 13 mg of CBD)

This initial dosage can then be gradually increased until the effective dose, which is often between 50 and 100 mg of CBD per day, initial users are advised to get controlled doses of CBD from sources such as CBD Gummies. CBd gummies are usually defined in set mg per gummy.

If dosages greater than 150 or 200 mg CBD per day do not give you any results, it can be assumed that CBD is not helpful.

To convert the mg of CBD into drops, it is sufficient to know the CBD concentration of the oil used, and to consider that one ml of oil contains about 20 drops, which gives:

oil with 4% CBD: 1 drop = 2 mg CBD
oil with 5% CBD: 1 drop = 2.5 mg CBD
oil with 10% CBD: 1 drop = 5 mg CBD
oil with 20% CBD: 1 drop = 10 mg of CBD
oil with 24% CBD: 1 drop = 12 mg of CBD
oil with 8% CBG and 5.5% CBD: 1 drop = 4 mg CBG + 2.75 mg CBD

The most effective method of consuming CBD oil is to put it under the tongue and wait a few tens of seconds before swallowing. In this way, a large part of the CBD is assimilated by the sublingual route, which allows it to act in a few minutes. For example, you can add the drops of oil to a square of sugar to facilitate this step.

Where to get the best CBD oil?

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Please note these are just our experiences using these online vendors and in no way an endorsement for them and as with anything to do with vaping and/or CBD please consult with your GP before starting this.